Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Planner

When planning your wedding, there are so a lot of things to think of and look after, that obtaining a professional to help you and ensure you have a flawless Wedding day is crucial! We share five advice on hiring a wedding planner / planner, who to employ and what things to expect:



Planners get excited about the sooner planning aspects and create the game-plan for your wedding. They include place searching and help build and upgrade budgets and planning checklists. They look for your better event partners and attend conferences to ensure that many people are speaking the same terms. They’ll review your event spouse contracts before putting your signature on to ensure that is really as needed. They offer one-on-one planning conferences and help you along the way. Some planners provide design or styling services, supporting with the creative details of your wedding day, while others choose to leave those details to a wedding designer.

We suggest a planner for any jewish wedding which involves bringing in much logistics day (so this means, you have to bring everything in from a lamp to a fork). There are so many moving parts with planning, that having someone deal with the budget and build an efficient team for you wins 1/2 the struggle.

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A coordinator dots the i’s and crosses the t’s. They work on a brief(er) timeline when compared to a planner (oftentimes a month-of coordinator) to verify contracts and details you have prepared, and ensure there is nothing forgotten. They make a day-of timeline and diagrams and confirm details with the function team, as well make sure things such as final obligations and guest counts are to be able. They oftentimes conduct the rehearsal wedding ceremony (whether or not your officiate attends or not). They place personal items away, they orchestrate the wedding ceremony, including supplying musician cues, and ensure that all vendors are on the same page. They coordinate items engaged on your day of the event, from event spouse arrival and running your day as slated to the last departure. They are simply your liaison and decision machine so you are (stress) absolve to enjoy your big day.

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Oftentimes venues require a planner for the month-of, which really is a good plan, because this person will be an extension of YOU and looking out for your very best interest (as opposed to a venue planner or catering planner).


When choosing a wedding planner, it is important to find someone that you completely trust and go along well with. This person will be accountable for turning your fantasy wedding into possible and has a great deal of control over where your money gets spent. Choose prudently! Remember that during your planning time, you will be achieving them often, heading places collectively and emailing backwards and forwards, so it is essential that your personalities go with one another. Make a scheduled appointment to meet them face-to-face to see if their style suits yours. It’s almost like seeing yet again!


After you have found your planner, sit down with them and review your contract obviously, point by point and personally. Each planner is different and some are prepared to do more and some less. Ensure that you each know exactly what you expect, so that we now have no disappointments down the road. Be honest your planner can only help you if indeed they know precisely what you want. Communication is everything!


The biggest downfall I’ve seen in clients is that there is much information online which can send lovers for a tizzy, impeding the possibility to make last decisions.

When you are uncertain about decisions and overwhelmed by the availability of information, retain a planner to streamline ideas and opportunities.

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In the event that you work regular, in support of have after time and week-ends to dedicate to wedding planner, hire a planner to aid doing some of the footwork with suppliers for you.

Typically planners will offer you packages including some planning conferences and phone calls to help make sure you are making the right decisions and engaging the correct options for your wedding day. Honestly, they turn into a wedding-therapist and ensure you don’t have problems with sleepless night syndrome.


Don’t expect your planner or planner to have all the details and notes. Write things down along the planning journey so that whenever you have check-ins and conferences you are well-organized and ideas can be flushed out simply.