Health Benefits Of Wearing Islamic Gold Jewelry

Water is most beneficial, but rare metal shines like fire blazing in the night time, supreme of lordly wealth.” – Thus spake ancient greek language lyric poet Pindar.

You have to agree with the fact and wonder. What’s the interest of gold that this has remained the most effective and the most venerated steel from the traditional times for this day? In jewellery circuits, silver is often the new black. Having a heart and soul of silver is wonderful, but having a box packed with precious silver jewellery is even more splendid. Aside from being an eternal adornment, gold has been believed to have special properties that are beneficial for the wearer.

In other words, fashion, marriages, and gatherings is where platinum gets its attractive, artistic and glittery manifestation, but there is a deeper and even more meaningful relevance that silver jewellery holds. You’d be surprised to find the advantages of gold.

islamic pendant at is believed to carry healing attributes or clean vibrations that help rebalance the imbalanced energy fields. When silver is blended with other alloys, it loses a few of its power, which explains why 24k carat silver was used medicinally to recover injuries in the traditional era. It is even assumed that Cleopatra used yellow metal as a rejuvenating mask to combat to age.

Ancient astrological beliefs state that yellow metal can help unblock the constricted flow of blood in the torso and facilitate a healthier blood circulation throughout the body.

The heat of gold may relax the structure and thus curing the hurt area, facilitating a faster healing process.

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Gold nanocrystals are used to take care of multiple sclerosis. Platinum has been known to aid healing in arthritis, pores and skin cancer, blood vessels disorders and even vertebral conditions.

Properties of rare metal assist in recovering the stressed as well as the endocrine system.

New age enthusiasts believe wearing yellow metal can help in treating indigestion, mental stress and breathing problems since yellow metal are from the sacral chakra which assists with transmitting the communication from your brain to your body and vice versa.


Vedic science, Egyptian alchemy and also other world cultures have highly praised the positive energy of platinum that purifies energy fields and thoughtforms. It is regarded as a conductor of higher energy. It is stated to bring mental calmness, emotional steadiness and long-term enjoyment. It is supposed to be a connection to ‘divine awareness.’

Essentially, wearing rare metal won’t cure every ailments completely, but the presence of silver on your skin will assist in the healing up process and also due to its warm vibrations at a lively level, gold will continue to work as a precautionary shield of kinds. The huge benefits are

Wearing the rare metal wedding ring on index finger enhances concentration.

For popularity and prosperity, yellow metal wedding rings are worn on the middle finger.

Wear a rare metal wedding ring in your little finger to treat respiration and asthma problems.

A gold string is worn for marital bliss.

Silver earrings are known to balance and improve mental faculties.

Vedic astrology dictates that yellow metal ornaments should be worn on top of the part of the body and not on the low limbs. Doing so may negatively demand energy fields and cause restlessness, misfortune or imbalance in the torso.

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Word of caution: If you’re superstitious or peculiar about using the right gemstones, and/or important metal on the body or cautious with how it could impact you, in conditions of your auric or physical well-being, or if you need detailed help with each kind of jewel rock/ metal do consult a specialist astrologer or a soul scientist.