How To Wear A Bodycon Or Bandage Dress

A bandage dress is the ultimate way to showcase your svelte body. It is customized into a tight-fitting body-con form by sewing several strips of cloth collectively. Each strip will create the so-called bandage impact. Wearing a fitted bandage wholesale shapewear will be unquestionably hot and seductive. Just take a look and get influenced for the next hot and naughty look.

Youcould work stylishly for a modest fashionista when both materials and fit is right.

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You just must ensure that the fabric is thick, high-quality and stretchy to aid the figure without making the entire look too revealing.

Sporting a sexy bandage dresses with sleeves or in a midi length is a chic way to rock and roll the appearance more modestly.

Also, wearing the perfect underwear ensures smooth, elegant lines and guarantees the avoidance of the feared apparent panty line.

Although slim-fitting and with the likely to be incredibly naughty, the elusive bodycon dress can become more conservative too.

It can often be styled as modestly and elegantly as you like with simply few simple changes to your lifestyle.

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If you’ve ever wondered about the bodycon fit and decided it wasn’t for you, think again.

Take a look through our fashion hints and tips and discover that this feminine and overtly stylish dress form can create a chic and modest look that is ideal for your style.

What Is a Bodycon Dress?

Woman putting on a white bodycon dress

A bodycon dress can sometimes be confused with the similar styling of any bandage dress.

However , there are some key variations that will highlight how a built in bodycon dress can be made more modest.

The bodycon dress isn’t just simply the tightest dress on offer.

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It is actually all about having a beautifully tailored fit that flatters and highlights a woman’s curves.

Alternatively, this is a bandage dress that’s made to cling overtly to your body, often called a “second skin”.

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Be Selective

Choosing the perfect bodycon dress HexinFashion for you and ensure you sustain your modest style is focused on shape.

Just because a dress is fitted, doesn’t mean it should be uncovering.

That’s where you’ll find a major difference between an overly sexy dress and an elegant dress.

Being modest also doesn’t always mean it’s essential to hide every inches of the body and skin.

Being selective with your design choices, gives you to select from features.

For instance, your legs or your bust, so this means you hide one feature and enhance or emphasize the femininity of the other.


With regards to deciding on the best fabric for a bodycon dress that is both flattering and feminine.

Thicker, stretchier garments always have a tendency to work best because of this.

Avoid very fine knit fabrics or silky materials for bodycon styles as they could be particularly disclosing and will show off more than to you bargained for.

Stretch Jersey

A thick, stretch jersey fabric helps to support and flatter your number, whilst remaining solid and structured for a stylish and expensive-looking dress.

Jersey is also incredibly soft and comfortable, which makes it a great choice for workwear and all-day comfort.

Scuba Fabric

A popular choice for bodycon dresses is the scuba cloth.

This is a high-stretch material, which gives the good solution for a figure-hugging, fitted finish.

If opting for scuba, ensure the cloth is as solid as you can to ensure you don’t finish up revealing too much.

How to Get Attention Away from The Bust and Bum

Woman wearing green bodycon dressUse ensemble distractions to stay covered and modest when making use of a bodycon dress.

These fashion advice enable you to distract attention from the bust and derriere areas, letting you feel convenient in an equipped style.

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Go for Lace

If you’re attracted to bodycon styles with plunging necklines, search for the perfect design with ribbons paneling over the décolletage.

This will put in a semi-sheer finish without the entire plunge effect.

Evenly, if you’ve found your dream bodycon dress however the neckline is too low for your modest style, modify it.

Take it to a tailor and put in a piece of ribbons or fabric to make the perfect neckline to match you.

Choose a stylish Neckline

Graceful necklines don’t always similar turtlenecks or high crew-neck shapes.

In fact , both of these shapes may be the best and most moderate necklines as it pertains to dresses nevertheless they actually improve the bust and ensure it is appear greater.

A scooped neckline or soft V-neck can often be the most flattering and modest styles.

Paired with a long statement necklace, you can elongate your figure and draw attention away from the bust.

Wear A Belt

Adding a statement or simple belt to a bodycon dress instantly draws the attention directly to the waist rather than the bust or bum.

Not only does this create a more modest overall look, but the belt can also help to cinch in your waist and effortlessly flatter your figure.

Choose a belt style and color that works in tandem with the style of the dress.

How to Keep Everything Covered While Remaining Stylish

Woman wearing gray duster cover over bodycon dress

Looking to modestly hide, whilst staying stylish and fashion-forward will often feel just like a tricky discipline.

With fashion becoming more and more revealing, there are specific ways to create a built in bodycon clothe themselves in your own, very moderate and graceful way.

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Experiment with Layering

If you love to wear bodycon dress styles but like to hide, experiment with layering with your dress and test out pieces already inside your wardrobe.

Add a clean white tee shirt underneath your dress to hide hands and a plunging neckline.

Or, simply team it with a tailored blazer for a glance which means business.

Long Sleeves

Don’t allow common opinion that long sleeves are too conservative cloud your common sense on styles that are in fact stunningly stylish.

An extended sleeve will not only cover up but also add a womanly and advanced touch to a sultry bodycon dress, giving you just the coverage you crave.

Opt for a stable sleeve, which delicately elongates the hands and offers a beautiful day to night time silhouette.

Or, keep it ultra-feminine by adding a semi-sheer or ribbons sleeve instead.

Midi Span Rules

Bodycon dresses might be uncovering in words and phrases of shape.

However , a midi span dress, decreasing to just underneath the leg, stylish and makes the appearance instantly humble .

One of the hottest lengths of the season, the midi is going nowhere and a dress of this length will serve you for years to come.

So , it’s a great choice when it comes to deciding which items to invest well in.

Add an Elegant Duster Coat

If your preferred bodycon dress leaves you feeling simply touch too disclosed, a straightforward and elegant solution is the classic addition of an duster coat.

This stylish piece is light, often created from satin or a beautifully soft jersey, and has now a flowing and airy shape.

This will provide you with freedom from an all-over tight-fitting effect.

Decreasing to the ankle joint or even the ground, maintain your female design with the addition of a record belt in the duster overcoat to cinch in the waist.